Develop your leadership pipeline, and prepare your workforce for a digital world with our digital capability solutions.

Is your leadership pipeline ready for a digital world

Our highly acclaimed, award-winning, blended omni-channel solutions accelerate employee development and bring about demonstrable mindset changes. We offer customised, context-enabled programs for Leadership Development at all levels.

Executive Leadership

The digital disruption has induced a sense of urgency for the executives to reset their strategies and create a vision of change. Empower your leaders to leverage data, people, innovation and technology to stay on top of the business game.

Middle Management

The agile and dynamic nature of organizations is posing a tough challenge to the middle-level managers by expecting them to handle the dynamic business requirements of the VUCA world. Help them get a leg start.

Frontline Managers

The Frontline Manager Program is designed to provide high potential employees to take on leadership roles and develop the capability of managing teams. This program helps build communication and influencing skills, along with helping participants deal with the change.

Individual Contributors

Our award-winning Individual Contributors Program, uses multi-touch and immersive experiential technologies to truly transform your individual contributor employees and bring out their exponential potential, as you groom them to take on frontline roles.

Women Leaders

Empower the women leaders in your organization to lead themselves, lead others and lead the business, in a safe and agile learning environment, using KNOLSKAPE's powerful Foundational Leadership Journeys.

Highly Digital HR

In the current wave of digital disruption, HR is one of the first functions to be affected. KNOLSKAPE’s Highly Digital HR Program is designed to help HR teams to inculcate a digital mindset, drive value and be true partners to business.

Developmental Workshops

KNOLSKAPE competency-based workshops provide differentiated solutions for learners to enhance one or a few complementary competencies, as and when the need arises, such that the learning is personalized, experiential & accelerated, increasing productivity & efficiency in a shorter time period, with practice time for learners to hone their skills effectively.

Self-paced courses

High performing organizations believe in structured training programs comprising a mix of formal, informal and experiential elements. KNOLSKAPE offers world-class content coupled with cutting-edge experiential technology for sustained, deep skills learning.

Success stories

I have worked closely with KNOLSKAPE for the past year and a half. They have helped design a simulation that models how consumers react in a financial crisis. The simulation is fairly complicated relying on data from multiple countries over time at different levels of aggregation (both macro aggregates and micro indicators).

Associate Professor of Economics, INSEAD