Strategic Executives

The digital disruption has induced a sense of urgency for the executives to reset their strategies and create a vision of change. Empower your leaders to leverage data, people, innovation and technology to stay on top of the business game, using KNOLSKAPE's powerful Foundational Leadership Journeys.

Our multi-touch point, award winning Executives Program, uses immersive experiential technologies to holistically develop capabilities to lead the people, product, process, and practice in the digital age. Here are the top reasons why the program is unlike any other conventional leadership programs.

Key competencies developed

Leading Self

Develop self-awareness and learn to manage emotions effectively; Identify different ways of managing your leadership priorities; Overcome unconscious biases; Derive personal vision through big picture thinking

Data-Driven Decision Making

Understand the data-driven decision-making process; Understand the importance of using data to guide business planning; Identify major sources of data for decision making; Use results of data analysis to make business decisions

Leading Innovation and Change

Discuss the nature of innovation and the ways in which organizations can innovate; Understand the effects of the organizational context on innovation and change; Identify obstacles inhibiting creativity and innovation; Generate ideas to change, innovate, and improve business outcomes

Leading People / Teams

Identify ways to lead engaged teams; Plan strategies to enhance team performance; Drive results to effective planning and execution; Lead effectively through cultural and generational diversities

Leading Strategy (Industry focus)

Understand relationships among the various parts of the business model; Identify hypotheses, assumptions and risks behind the business; Find ways to add value or reduce cost; Brainstorm market disruption strategies

Leading Business (digital transformation and entrepreneurship)

Understand the dynamics of leading in a VUCA world; Determine current and desired state of digital transformation in the organization; Identify ways to leverage existing digital platforms to transform the business; Understand the impact of using digital technology to improve business value

Leading Business Risks

List the various types of business risks; Determine ways to manage risk in a business; Discuss ways to evaluate risks and take business decisions; Explore ways to reduce business risks and liability

Building Leadership Pipeline

Identify competencies that make a successful leader in the organization; Explore ways to identify high-potential candidates at all levels in the organization; Plan interventions to enhance the knowledge, skill, and behavior of high potential employees; Plan career progression paths for high potential employees

Success stories

Program differentiators

Our 60-90 minute simulations (designed with inputs from global Top 20 B-schools) are derived from industry standard behavioural models.


The gamification model makes learning fun. Your people learn immersively as they compete with other employees via leaderboards.

Feedback and scores are instant. The platform provides simulation feedback, learning project review and performance improvements.

Cognitive tools are deployed in pre and post assessments, classrooms/ILT, action learning project (ALP)

Integrated platform

KNOLSKAPE secure cloud based AktivLearn solution streamlines the journey through a single point access for all key elements

By taking the classroom into the mobile, employees get flexibility to begin and continue their leadership development process, anytime-anywhere.

T.A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal (TAPMI) now has the globally coveted AACSB accreditation; but with it comes the accountability to prove the assurance of learning in leadership course to the accrediting agency. The redesigned leadership course of TAPMI to ensure high level of assurance of learning in leadership takes the ‘leadership competency’.

Dr. (Col) PS James

Area Chair OB and HR, TAPMI