Building Tomorrow's

Becoming a manager for the first time is a crucial turning point in an individual's career. Help him shift from a team member to a team leader, with this program.

The Frontline Manager Program is designed to provide high potential employees to take on leadership roles and develop the capability of managing teams. This program helps build communication and influencing skills, along with helping participants deal with the change.

Key competencies developed

Dealing with Change
Understand the nature of change; Understand how change affects teams; Developing team resilience towards change; Develop personal strategies to inspire change

Influencing Skills
Understand the dynamics of persuasive communication; Leverage facts, figures, and information to influence effectively; Influence team members without using authority; Lead change using effective influencing skills

Impactful Communication
Developing skills of reading non-verbal cues during a conversation; Use the SQCA framework to prepare for one-many communications; Use the 5-Step approach to effectively deal with conflicts

Collaboration for Success

Recognize the significance of seeking collaboration within and across teams; Identify the different ways of improving collaborating of team members; Identify barriers to effective team collaboration; Explore ways to foster effective collaboration amongst team members

Stakeholder management

Build trusting relationships with internal and external stakeholders; Reduce and uncover risk through effective stakeholder management; Improve stakeholder perception of success for easy project closure; Use the stakeholder map to understand impact or support of each stakeholder

People acumen

Understand people acumen and its importance; Understand your teams using SWOTAF; Monitor behaviors of team members that hinder the common purpose; Leverage people acumen to enhance team performance

Managing Team Performance

Identify the highs and lows of team performance; Develop KPIs to track individual performance of team members; Identify ways to uncover performance gaps;Plan interventions to bridge performance gaps

Contextual Leadership

Understand individual needs of team members; Identify your own leadership style; Determine readiness skill and moral levels of team members; Flex your leadership style to meet the individual needs of team members

Success stories

Program differentiators

Our 60-90 minute simulations (designed with inputs from global Top 20 B-schools) are derived from industry standard behavioural models.


The gamification model makes learning fun. Your people learn immersively as they compete with other employees via leaderboards.

Feedback and scores are instant. The platform provides simulation feedback, learning project review and performance improvements.

Cognitive tools are deployed in pre and post assessments, classrooms/ILT, action learning project (ALP)

Integrated platform

KNOLSKAPE secure cloud based AktivLearn solution streamlines the journey through a single point access for all key elements

By taking the classroom into the mobile, employees get flexibility to begin and continue their leadership development process, anytime-anywhere.

We were clear that traditional assessments would not work for us. KNOLSKAPE is the only vendor that came to mind for a new-age assessment solution, given their product capabilities, expertise and reputation. We are very satisfied with the entire assessment process and look forward to working with them again.

Grace Powell

Head of Learning & Development,
Tata Business Support Services