Transform Middle Managers

The agile and dynamic nature of organizations is posing a tough challenge to the middle-level managers by expecting them to handle the dynamic business requirements of the VUCA world. Help them get a leg start, using KNOLSKAPE's powerful Foundational Leadership Journeys.

Our multi-touch point  Middle Managers Program is designed to equip the middle managers to lead people and processes and drive exponential organizational growth. Here are the top reasons why the program is unlike any other conventional leadership programs.

Key competencies developed

Executing Change

Learn a step-by-step process for leading successful change; Communicate a compelling change message to gain  greater commitment; Unlock resistance and remove obstacles to change; Assess personal and organizational readiness to take on the challenge of change

Impactful Communication

Develop skills of reading non-verbal queues during a conversation; Use the pyramid structure of communication to improve clarity of communication; Use the SQCA framework to prepare for one-many communications; Use the 5-Step approach to effectively deal with conflicts

Collaboration for Success

Recognize the significance of seeking collaboration within and across teams; Identify the different ways of improving collaborating of team members; Identify barriers to effective team collaboration; Explore ways to foster effective collaboration amongst team members

Stakeholder Management

Build trusting relationships with internal and external stakeholders; Reduce and uncover risk through effective stakeholder management; Improve stakeholder perception of success for easy project closure; Use the stakeholder map to understand impact or support of each stakeholder

Leading Modern Workforce

Explain generational differences and their impact on the modern workforce; Describe factors that influence each generational group; Uncover the differences and commonalities of each generational group; Incorporate communication strategies to work with different generational groups

Managing Team Performance

Identify the highs and lows of team performance; Develop KPIs to track individual performance of team members; Identify ways to uncover performance gaps; Plan interventions to bridge performance gaps 

Contextual Leadership

Understand individual needs of team members; Identify your own leadership style; Determine readiness skill and moral levels of team members; Flex your leadership style to meet the individual needs of team members

Strategic Thinking

Understand relationships among the various parts of the business model; Identify hypotheses, assumptions, and risks for the business; Find ways to add value or reduce cost; Brainstorm market disruption strategies

Success stories

Program differentiators

Our 60-90 minute simulations (designed with inputs from global Top 20 B-schools) are derived from industry standard behavioural models.


The gamification model makes learning fun. Your people learn immersively as they compete with other employees via leaderboards.

Feedback and scores are instant. The platform provides simulation feedback, learning project review and performance improvements.

Cognitive tools are deployed in pre and post assessments, classrooms/ILT, action learning project (ALP)

Integrated platform

KNOLSKAPE secure cloud based AktivLearn solution streamlines the journey through a single point access for all key elements

By taking the classroom into the mobile, employees get flexibility to begin and continue their leadership development process, anytime-anywhere.

I attended KNOLSKAPE’s training session on Managing IT transformations and it was a real eye opener. We have been witnessing a whole lot of transformation in IT over the years, but being cocooned in our day to day work we haven’t taken a step back to see how these have transformed entire businesses around us. Rajiv’s first session.

Mr. Venkatesh Ananthasubramanian

Business Consulting Group, Cognizant