Empower Women

Empower the women leaders in your organization to lead themselves, lead others and lead the business, in a safe and agile learning environment, using KNOLSKAPE's powerful Foundational Leadership Journeys.

Our multi-touch point Women Leadership Program provides the perfect platform for women leaders to address challenges, and empower them to lead themselves, others and business, in a safe and agile learning environment. Here are the top reasons why the program is unlike any other conventional leadership programs.

Key competencies developed


Gain agreement from others by directly communicating with them; Apply the concepts of pushing and pulling when influencing others; Affect people's behavior in a time-sensitive manner; Achieve an objective by using techniques to swing others into action

Influencing Skills

Understand the dynamics of persuasive communication; Leverage facts, figures, and information to influence effectively; Influence team members without using authority; Lead change using effective influencing skills

Managing Teams

Identify the highs and lows of team performance; Develop KPIs to track individual performance of team members; Identify ways to uncover performance gaps; Plan interventions to bridge performance gaps 

Building Trust with Clients

Understand the importance of building trust with clients; Understand the business impact caused by lack of trust in workplace relationships; Learn to foster open dialogue and transparency in conversations; Build trusting relationships using elements of the trust equation

Strategic Thinking

Understand relationships among the parts of the business model; Identify hypotheses, assumptions, and risks for the business; Find ways to add value or reduce cost; Brainstorm market disruption strategies

Business Acumen

Construct the big picture of your business; Understand, interpret and analyze financial statements; Appreciate the inter-connectedness of various business decisions and their impact on financial outcomes; Apply strategic thinking and execution principles in their individual focus areas 

Working Out of Comfort Zone

Identify who and what sets your comfort zone; Determine the impact of constantly working out of your comfort zone; Learn ways in which you can challenge the status quo; Create a personal drive to excel

Networking Skills

Appreciate the importance of networking; Understand the dynamics of communication that are specific to networking; Use effective follow-up to maintain active contacts and connections; Create your own personal and professional network

Success stories

Program differentiators

Our 60-90 minute simulations (designed with inputs from global Top 20 B-schools) are derived from industry standard behavioural models.


The gamification model makes learning fun. Your people learn immersively as they compete with other employees via leaderboards.

Feedback and scores are instant. The platform provides simulation feedback, learning project review and performance improvements.

Cognitive tools are deployed in pre and post assessments, classrooms/ILT, action learning project (ALP)

Integrated platform

KNOLSKAPE secure cloud based AktivLearn solution streamlines the journey through a single point access for all key elements

By taking the classroom into the mobile, employees get flexibility to begin and continue their leadership development process, anytime-anywhere.

“I was extremely impressed with KNOLSKAPE’s workshop at Shanghai. I found it hard to believe IGs could be that excited about a computer based simulation session on influencing. But to see people screaming and clapping and jumping in the end was a real moment of truth. And then of course the IG from Korea! My god what a live demo of influencing.I learned a lot from that session. I had IGs.”

Ms. Joti Joseph

Head- Learning and CB Academy, Standard Chartered Bank