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Suggestions to Improve Your Organization’s Productivity

Productivity is a very important part of organizational success. One aspect that is sometimes forgotten is the correlation between an employee's satisfaction and performance. With increased satisfaction, performance is improved by 20%. Moreover, if employees are dissatisfied about their position, they're 87% more likely to quit.

So how do we improve happiness and productivity?

1. No meeting Wednesdays: Meetings are very energy draining. If your employees are not productive in between meetings throughout the week, why not have them block off an entire day to catch up on work?

2. Making learning new skills fun through gamification: Gamification is increasing in popularity amongst Fortune 500 companies. Gamification provides employees with an opportunity to enjoy learning new material. Through leaderboards, badges, stories, and incentives, employees are able to develop new skills in an immersive and familiar environment. Additionally, gamification analytics provides participants with a detailed account of their activity and how they can improve.

3. Having unlimited Vacation days: Whether you decide to offer paid or unpaid vacation days, this feature will improve your employees happiness level exponentially.

4. Create a false sense of urgency: By instilling a false sense of urgency amongst the employees, productivity will naturally go up in the short-run. In the long-run, there should be processes put into place so employees naturally want to finish their work faster.

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