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The Change Makers for an Organization’s Digital Transformation


The more I think, I realize that the Human Resource (HR) teams are going to be the most potent force for an organisation’s Digital Transformation. I recently chaired one of the most engaging HR workshops on “Clearing the Digital BLUR™.”

Quoting Gary Kasparov, the chess grandmaster “Do not fear intelligent machine” helped me to lessen all the speculation around automation taking over the minion jobs. After winning his first game with the IBM supercomputer Deep Blue; in the year 1997, Gary Kasparov lost the second game to the machine. The Grand Chess master attributed the machine’s win as the computer had access to past records and data. Gary Kasparov’s mindset to embrace an intelligent machine is truly an empowering story as the grand master mentions in one of his recent interviews “Deep Blue could look at 200 million positions per second, while I was limited to two or three, and yet we competed equally. The human brain is an unmatched analogy engine, finding the usage patterns to leverage our lifetime of experience to make decisions.”

My introduction to Sophia, the humanoid robot who is now a Saudi Arabian citizen was a curtain raiser to the social change Sophia would bring in. Sophia, she robot who does not conform to the dressing norms of her home country. This shows that HR teams of the future would not only have to deal with white / blue collar issues but also of the metal collar.

Digitisation and Digitalisation are causing the stagnant lines of the industrial age to make way for the Digital BLUR™. Digitisation refers to the process of converting anything physical into the digital format while the latter refers to unlocking new value by incubating a digital mindset.

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