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Top eLearning Trends to Watch Out For

eLearning refers to learning or teaching that happens with the help of different technological advances to produce an effective learning environment.

eLearning is quickly taking over most teaching and learning industries, universities and schools globally use more and more technological features in their frameworks every day. MOOCs have grown exponentially over the past few years, and these types of learning facilitators will only grow more in years to come.

The Ambient Insight Premium Report (include link) had some interesting findings on some trends in the eLearning field:

-The most successful eLearning initiatives are using mobile learning in their services.

- The mobile learning market is expected to have an annual growth of 18.2% by 2017, and a market that will reach $12 billion.

-80% of learners claim to be more productive when eLearning is involved, and particularly engaged with gamification, or edugaming.

- The report found that there is a significant demand for eLearning programs on language learning, location-based learning and skill based learning.

Click here to read more important trends in the eLearning industry, and how these are affecting all sectors.


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