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How to Train Your Top-level Executives Effectively (Part 1)

Finding professional development (PD) resources and opportunities for top-level executives may be a challenge at times. In Part 1, we discuss the four principles to keep in mind when developing a PD opportunity for an organization's leaders. 

The pace of knowledge acquisition is faster

Executives are highly experienced and capable individuals that have the ability to absorb knowledge faster than lower level staff. Given their expertise in making decisions and absorbing knowledge, the PD training must operate at the same speed as their mind.

The content is more relevant and specific

The training must be practical, sophisticated, and advanced. If the PD resources are boring or generic to the executive, he or she will immediately lose interest, as the information is irrelevant to immediate personal or business goals.

There is a challenge associated with the training

Generally, executives are competitive and driven to succeed. Executives enjoy a good challenge but look to achieve a goal. When looking for PD resources, find ones that allow users to receive gratification from learning.

The professional development resource is accessible

Executives are constantly on the go. They are in meetings or travelling for work, so when it comes to high-level staff, training must be there when and where they want it. Training that’s online (on the cloud) is a great solution to the challenges of accessibility.

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