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This Valentine’s Day: Love What You Learn

This Valentine’s Day, Make Learning Your Love

“Love of learning is a pleasant and universal bond, since it deals with what one is and not what one has” said Freya Stark, the famous explorer and travel writer. Though simple, this one-liner is as profound as it can get. As human beings if you were to distil our characteristics to find out that one thing that set us apart from other beings – it is our love of learning. This single insatiable curiosity has fuelled fires, fostered civilizations, developed literature, nurtured science – in short made us what we are. We would have perished if we had ceased to learn.

This truth is so universal that it can be extrapolated to teams, organizations, nations and even cultures. Let us take corporate organizations for instance; any organization that is not in love with learning would decay for sure. Today’s world is dynamic and no one can claim to know everything, even if they have pioneered the idea. There are numerous examples of gigantic organizations fading into oblivion just because they did not learn quickly enough.

Not only organizations, even individual have to be agile in terms of learning. Gone are the days of mastering a craft and living with the talent forever. Today we have to keep learning new things every day. Not only has the depth of learning increased, successful executives today have to be cognizant of the trends that are not related directly to their sector.

The only way we can keep learning is by not treating it as a chore but making it fun. Learning today has moved away from classrooms, now you can learn through tablets and mobiles. Learning today is about imparting skills and bringing about tangible changes. We at KNOLSKAPE have pioneered this idea of immersively gamified experiential learning which not only engaged the learner better but also stays with him or her for a very long time. We believe cherishing the love of learning is the only way to transform talent and achieve alignment between the strategy and execution.

So this Valentine’s day will you make learning your love? We promise that the relationship will last a lifetime.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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