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Webinar: Why happiness at work matters – and 3 tips to increase it

Why happiness at work matters and 3 tips to increase it

What if we told you, “If you do this one very simple thing, you will be much more successful at work. You will get much bigger salary raises, you will get promoted faster, and yes, your boss will like you!” You’d probably say, “tell me all about it” of course!

Prof Raj Raghunathan of the University of Texas is here to tell you that this very simple thing is as simple as it gets: it’s being happier at work. A lot of studies have shown that, the happier you are at work, the more career success you will enjoy. Happier people get higher raises, get promoted faster, and their bosses like them more. This relationship between being happy and career success has been replicated so many times and across so many different countries that it is no longer debated.

In this webinar, we deep-dive into the topic of Happiness at work, and what you as a talent development professional can do to help improve it!

Date: November 28, 2018

Time: 10:00 AM in India

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