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Is Your Workforce Skilled to Succeed?








Today’s business environment is so dynamic, calling for employees to develop skills to adapt to the ever-changing work related situations. Employees must have the ability to be trained and embrace the process of continuous learning where new skills are to be learnt to thrive in a rapidly changing digital world.

Join us for an insightful webinar by industry experts Mr. Benny Ramos (SkillSoft) and Mr. Rajiv Jayaraman (CEO & Founder - KNOLSKAPE) on “Is your workforce skilled to succeed?"

In this webinar, you would:

  • Find out the skills required to succeed in a digital world
  • Discover strategies, tools and practices to enable skill development
  • Learn how to attract and retain talented workers in times of uncertainty
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Benny Ramos
Solution Principle
Business & Leadership


Rajiv Jayaraman
Founder & CEO, Author
Author of Clearing the Digital BLUR


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