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Bengaluru-based Insurance firm runs KNOLSKAPE's Assessments Practices for Talent Acquisition 

KNOLSKAPE helps standardize its assessment practices for talent acquisition, and promotion through objective assessments, free of bias.


The Client is an Indian Insurance Company, headquartered in Bangalore. Products are distributed through multiple channels including Corporate Agency, Broking, Bank Assurance, as well as direct channels. The client employs 4000 professionals while catering to 15 lakh customers.

During the initial years, the organization focused on developing the internal employee base. Most senior leaders and managers have been part of the organization for a long time and have grown through the ranks. The belief was that experienced employees possess a deep understanding of the organization as well as the industry and hence, promoting these individuals would be beneficial to the organization. For promoting the deserving candidates, the client relied purely on performance data, two levels discussions and recommendations.


While employees promoted through this method delivered expected results, the internal talent team of the client realized that there were dissonances in the promotion process:

  • Standardization: Owing to significant increase in lateral hiring, the existing assessment practice could not assess new and existing employees uniformly
  • Analytics and Reporting: The existing assessment practices did not provide clear analytics required to help improve talent development efforts
  • Objectivity: The existing promotion system was high on human touch, and therefore, lacked objectivity
  • Logistical hassles: Existing assessment practices were incredibly time consuming, cost intensive, required physical rooms and touchpoints, and coordinating logistics for assessors and participants.
  • Scalability: Physical touchpoints resulted in assessments being conducted in batches of only a few candidates at a time, elongating the process.
  • Contextualization: Existing assessments were generic and did not assess candidates on their behavior and performance in of their specific roles


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