Driving change initiatives for an IT MNC

A Case for Simulation Based Learning


The client, headquartered in Hyderabad, is a subsidiary of an American software giant. In India, the client employs 5,000+people and comprises six business units. The Customer Service and Support (CSS) team at the client organization is crucial to business, as the team aims to solidify strong, lifelong relationships with the organization’s customers and partners.

In light of technological advances, and the advent of the Digital Age, the client identified that Digital Transformation and the Cloud would radically alter customer expectations, and the organization implemented changes, to prepare for this disruption. However, frontline managers within the CSS team also had to be change ready, to continue fulfilling their responsibilities effectively. 

The competencies identified by the client to be addressed within the target group were:

  • Change awareness
  • Appreciation of individual responses to change
  • Change readiness
  • Influence to implement change
  • Build cooperation within the team


KNOLSKAPE solution

KNOLSKAPE designed an experiential learning program. KNOLSKAPE’s program was aimed at equipping the participants with the skills and mindset to embrace the change.

To build change capabilities in the participants and develop change agents, KNOLSKAPE designed a two-day experiential learning program.

The learning program had the following objectives:

  1. Enable participants to appreciate the business case for change 
  2. Building capabilities in implementing change 

The first objective was facilitated through an interactive session using the Business Modelling Tool. The Business Modelling tool is a unique, high experience business learning tool which allows learners to build business models by considering factors like, value proposition, customer segments etc.In the context of this learning engagement, the BMT tool would help participant appreciate the business case for change

To support the second objective, KNOLSKAPE’s ChangeQuest simulation was employed. The ChangeQuest simulation provides a real-life change scenario, where players are required to promote a change initiative by effectively winning over key stakeholders. In the context of this learning engagement, the simulation session helped participants experience a real like like situation of implementing change, within a safe learning environment.

Business impact

  • Company-wide survey conducted in the following quarter showed high scores in areas the client was looking to focus in this program.
  • Majority of the CSS team felt that their managers facilitated collaboration. This strongly indicated the program’s success, as successful change management depends on the managers’ ability to promote collaboration.
  • 83% of the CSS team reported high levels of trust in the team, which is a crucial responsibility for managers, reinforcing the success of the learning intervention.


Overall KNOLSKAPE’s change management program was one of the highest rated programs at the company. The simulation session received a CSAT score of 4.5 on 5. High levels of engagement, experiential learning and a high degree of contextualization were the stand out features of the program, because of which the company was able to implement change with ease. 

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