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Mindtree Focuses On Building New Leadership

Mindtree partnered with KNOLSKAPE to co-create and co-design a learning program called ‘Digital Reset’. This program was focused on bringing about a mindset shift in 50 of their middle managers while managing customers in the digital age. 


Mindtree Limited, a Larsen and Toubro company, is an Indian multinational information technology and outsourcing company headquartered in Bangalore, India. The organization operates in the areas of e-commerce, mobile applications, cloud computing, digital transformation, data analytics, enterprise application integration, and enterprise resource planning. Mindtree’s 21,000 strong workforce serves 339 active clients from 43 offices in 18 countries. 


Over 90% of Mindtree’s workforce is engaged in the technology business. To align their middle managers to this strategy requires a fundamental shift in the mindset and ways of working – A Digital Reset. 

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“The learning industry is going through a transformation since the last 4-5 years. Content is freely available online. In the way that we deliver learning to our employees, we don’t want heavily concepts driven programs, but programs that are more experiential in nature. KNOLSKAPE was among the first few to jump into this bandwagon of simulation-based learning. Since then, they have constantly been evolving and trying new things. They started with simulations. Then they came up with Digital BLUR and now they’re working on self-paced simulations. Continuous improvement and innovation are KNOLSKAPE’s USP and what is making us engage with them for a long time. There is also a level of professionalism that they interact with. That way, we have never faced a challenge of things not going per plan. There is a clear commitment to the way they work."

- Deepa Krishna: Program Director - Leadership Development & Diversity and Inclusion, Mindtree

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