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Multinational BPO uses KNOLSKAPE for talent engagement

KNOLSKAPE  helps a multinational BPO for their talent engagement through gamification


The client is a major multinational engineering and electronics manufacturing company, specializing in automotive components, industrial products, and home appliances. The Indian arm of the clients is one of the world’s leading global supplier of technology and services, offering end to end Engineering, IT and Business solutions. With over 7000 associates, it is one of the largest centers of the client outside its parent country.

To engage its 7000-strong workforce, the client initiates an annual talent engagement event each year, focusing on a specific theme. In 2016, Gamification was mandated to become a part of the larger learning strategy of the client, to create significant learning impact and ROI on developing behavioral competencies. To familiarize employees with the concept and its impact on behavioral change, the client decided to use “ Gamification in Learning” as the theme for the employee engagement initiative as well.


  • Previous engagement initiatives had focused purely on technological skills. There was a need to highlight the criticality of behavioral skills for employees through the engagement
  • With millennials gradually becoming a significant part of the organization, traditional approaches to engagement would not be as effective, due to low participation and experience. An engagement initiative built on experiential technologies was considered the ideal way forward
  • Since gamification was a new concept to the geographically dispersed workforce, the engagement initiative had to be virtual so that the employees could understand and experience gamification irrespective of their location, and the associated costs


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