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Oracle Corporation Accelerates
Talent Development with KNOLSKAPE

Oracle partnered with KNOLSKAPE for a 4-month, multi-touchpoint learning journey, named “Talent Acceleration Program”, designed to inspire and enable participants to achieve stellar business results by developing


Oracle Corporation is an American multinational technology company headquartered in California, USA. A 137,000 strong global workforce caters to 430,000 customers across 175 countries. The organization underwent several structural changes which brought with it portfolio restructuring. The organization sought to help employees accept and assimilate to these new changes by instilling confidence that they are important to the organization. As a result, empowering the employees to successfully lead the new model of business was a key priority


In light of the new structural changes, employees feared that they would not be equipped for their new roles. The consensus amongst the employees was also that the organization was not invested in helping them develop their capabilities to take on these new roles

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“It has been an engaging and fruitful experience working with KNOLSKAPE. I wholeheartedly endorse their technology capability and how they leverage it to create stellar learning experiences. The insights I have gotten from the analytics and reports KNOLSKAPE provides has shown the direct impact of the learning initiatives, and I love that the platform can be used anywhere and anytime with the built-in spirit of competitiveness.”

- Anusha Vijayanand, Director HR & Country HR Lead (South Asia Growing Economies), Oracle

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