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Tata Business Support Services uses KNOLSKAPE

KNOLSKAPE Kaliber Virtual Assessments delivers 45% cost saving, and 70% reduction in assessment co-ordination and execution time, with minimal business disruption.


Tata Business Support Services (TBSS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Sons, is one of Indian’s leading business process outsourcing companies, headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana. With 26000+ employees across 21 global delivery centers, TBSS caters to clients in Telecom and Media, Emerging, Government, Education, Retail, Manufacturing, and BFSI.

TBSS was established in 2008, and until 2016 the focus for L&D was to develop the lower levels within the organization. By 2016, the organization was growing at a rate of 15 per cent every year. A key need identified was to focus on leadership development, to prepare senior leaders to manage teams and business, groom the next level leaders, and develop TBSS’ leadership pipeline, to achieve their Vision 2020.

As a starting point, TBSS identified 12 promotion ready, high-potential senior managers vying for the role of Cluster Head, and a 15-18 months leadership journey was created to prepare them for their new roles. In order to identify who the 12 eligible senior managers would be, 23 high-potential senior managers were identified from 120 to be assessed on their ability and willingness to take on the new role, based on internal criteria.


  • Traditional Assessment Center conducted previously for senior leadership rendered undesired feedback.
  • Stakeholders unhappy with the way in which the traditional assessment center was conducted - severe logistical nightmares faced, huge overhead cost, heavy investment of time and inconsistency in assessment mechanism.
  • Participants felt intimidated and anxious as if they were appearing for an exam, which adversely impacted their performance in the traditional assessment center.


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